Dough Your Own Cooking Instructions

Pre cooked base instructions

Pre heat your oven to 220c with a baking tray or pizza stove on the middle shelf.

Add your sauce (not too much, you will have some left over, it goes great with pasta) spread over the base, leaving about 2cm of crust showing.

Sprinkle over your mozzarella and add your toppings.

Pop in the oven for about 15 mins until the cheese has melted and bubbling.


Raw dough instructions

Pre heat your pizza oven to around 350c

On a flat, smooth surface put liberal amounts of semolina flour down.

Pop your dough ball on the semolina and sprinkle some more semolina on the top.

With your fingers, push into and around your dough ball to create a crust, and then flatten the

middle of the ball

From the centre, start turning your dough 90 degrees at a time while firmly stretching out the base.

Don't worry if it tears, simply push the dough back together and it should stick.

Once your desired pizza size/shape is ready (around 10 inches), carefully pick up the dough

and sweep away the excess semolina.

Pop the dough back down, add your sauce, cheese and toppings.

Pick up the pizza with your peel and slide onto the stone in your pizza oven.

Watch carefully and turn your pizza a few times until you have your desired level of char on your


Don't put too many toppings on your pizza or some of your dough may not cook.


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